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The best influencers to follow on Instagram if you love colourful, vintage clothing

It will come as no surprise to you that I LOVE vintage fashion. Citrus colours, psychedelic prints, colour blocking, and funky silhouettes are what makes this style of dressing really appealing to me.

And I’m not the only one. Instagram is my number one hub on vintage outfit inspiration (take that, Pinterest!) so I thought I’d round up the accounts I can’t get enough of for you to add to your follow list.

We all know that shopping second hand is an easy way to shop more ethically. However, vintage pieces are a gem regardless of their sustainability credentials. Vintage usually means high-quality clothing with a unique story behind them, perfect for crafting your own personal style. If you’re into colour then vintage is definitely for you, and these influencers showcase ways to make these unique pieces wearable.

My retro fashion preference is 1970s fashion, with some 1960s mod vibes and 1980s colourful prints thrown in, so these are the kind of accounts I’m especially fond of. Scroll on for the best influencers to follow on Instagram if you also love colourful, vintage clothing. Prepare to be inspired!


All my rainbow ladies put your hands up! Saraid isn’t afraid to wear alllll the colours at once, and I am definitely OK with that. You’ll even find a comprehensive rainbow challenge posted on the Sunset Saraid blog. Her fun photo edits are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, as well as brighten your Instagram feed. Saraid is passionate about the art of thrifting, and always shares where she picked up her second hand wonders. She also encourages followers to share their own thrifty finds using the hashtag #sunsetthrifts. As well as her everyday style, Saraid also posts fun seasonal content on her feed, which proves that dressing the vintage way isn’t ‘costumey’ but a fabulous way to showcase your personality year-round.


Aww Sam

Sam has the wardrobe of my dreams – both design-wise and its contents of rainbow garments! One of my favourite things about Sam’s look is that even though it’s kitsch and cool, her style remains ultra feminine. Floral prints, citrus hues, and bright, airy shots await you by following her account. Sam fully embodies the mid-century vibe throughout her lifestyle, meaning you’ll also find drool-worthy interiors on the her Instafeed, and vintage recipes on the Aww Sam website too.


Pink Vintage Heart

Leigh is a little different from most of the influencers on this list as her look isn’t particularly era-specific. However, her look is about mixing a variety of vintage pieces to build her own, unique style. She’s also the queen of accessorising – follow her page for serious handbag and sunglasses envy! Leigh is a prominent member of the New York thrifting scene, and the snaps she shares of her girl gang offer even more colourful style inspiration. Plus she’s the owner of Pink Vintage Heart Shop, which means we’ll be able to shop her vibrant vintage looks soon. Yaaaas!


Forever Yours Betty

I’ve been obsessed with Sheri’s style since I first came across her in my early blogging days, and she might be the only person I’ve met who loves orange more than me! While Sheri doesn’t exclusively shop vintage, her 1970s inspired look is crafted through a carefully curated blend of old and new pieces – great if you’re looking for inspo to expand on your retro-inspired wardrobe. As a new homeowner, you’ll also find home decor inspiration on the Forever Yours Betty feed staying true to those mid-century vibes, with plenty of orange thrown in, of course!


Vintage Glamour Mama

Lizzie could be straight out of a classic Biba editorial and I am HERE for it! If you love mini dresses, beehives, and epically oversized sunglasses then add Vintage Glamour Mama to your following feed, pronto. Lizzie might not have the ‘extra AF’ photography vibe of some of the bigger accounts, but her posts are real, creative, and inspiring. Her daughted Dita also features on the feed, providing mini me outfit ideas too.


Larissa Blintz

All hail the white tights look! Larissa’s wardrobe is one I’d DEFINITELY love to raid, and her mix n’ match style offers serious outfit inspiration. Follow her now for styling tips, upcycling, and the cutest Beatles-vibe hairstyle. Larissa is the owner of the brand Miracle Eye, which might be the BEST 70s reproduction brand I’ve seen. You’ll find both 70s vintage and retro-inspired new styles on her site, all of which are definitely on my lust list.


Color Me Courtney

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Tiana x3! πŸ‘ΈπŸ½βœ¨ which is your fav? Soo I watch #princessandthefrog weekly and have seen it at least 400 times! It still makes me SO EMOTIONAL that we have a black princess, especially one as powerful as Tiana πŸ₯Ί: Entrepreneurial, independent, hard-working, humble, sassy, smart, strong & so much more πŸ’ͺ🏾 (I’m tearing up as I write this lol, it’s fine). Having her for kids of all colors to looks up to now means more than I could ever say πŸ₯° OH and grown me is not mad about having Naveen to look at either πŸ˜‰πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ // LETS TALK DISNEY: drop your favorite princess or princess movie ?βœ¨πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

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There are few feeds out there more vibrant than Courtney’s! Her look might not be strictly vintage, but there’s a definite 1950s/ 1960s flare. Each month Courtney picks a new colour or theme for her dressing, so following her is a MUST for a constant stream of inspiration. Her home is also a hub of colour, and features frequently on the Gram. Personally I’m jealous of her rainbow shelves!


A Fashion Nerd

If I had a fairy godmother I’d wish for Amy’s wardrobe, STAT! Her looks are so playful and vibrant that they always fill my feed with joy. Amy mixes old and new, but always with her strongly defined personal aesthetic in mind. Both the A Fashion Nerd blog and Instagram feed are a feast for the eyes, with photography second to none. If you’re looking to uplevel your own content then let Amy inspire you, with her keen eye for shapes and colour.


Soft Parade

I may be biased, but as a redhead with fabulous 70s style, I’m in love with Taylor’s aesthetic! If you’re looking for 1970s style that you can actually wear day-to-day then Taylor is your gal. Band tees, flares, and funky prints are central to her look, with plenty of mustard and rust hues to covet. There’s more than a touch of 70s Elton John in there too. Many of her lush looks are from her brand, Black Salt, which focuses on ethical brands made in the USA.

Which vintage style accounts are you obsessed with on Instagram right now? Share them with me @styledbyalicex as I’m always looking for more colourful inspiration!

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