Seven ethical fashion brands to follow on Instagram in 2020

Seven ethical fashion brands to follow on Instagram in 2020

Happy new year, everyone! If you’re reading this post then its very likely one of your resolutions is to make more sustainable style choices, and to shop from ethical fashion brands. Last year was a time of great discovery for me, and most of the new conscious clothing companies I found were through Instagram.

Below I’ve rounded up seven of my favourite ethical fashion brands right now who have Instagram feeds to covet. Whether its a perfectly curated aesthetic, striking shots, or educational content you’re after, these profiles should definitely be on your following list.


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Reformation is the OG when it comes to sustainable style aimed at the most trend-conscious of fashionistas. I like to think of this funky California brand as the more ethical alternative to Zara or Nasty Gal. Reformation’s vibe is crafted from modern silhouettes like peasant sleeves and bias cuts, as well as polkadots galore and denim for every shape. The brand’s Instagram looks like any fast fashion company’s, except when you click through to buy you can be assured the pieces have been crafted with fabric offcuts or recycled textiles. Reformation does ship to the UK, and you’ll also find this ethical fashion brand for sale on Net-a-Porter.


Wear the Walls

Any new fashion brand looking to launch should study Wear the Walls, as this ethical newcomer has a seriously strong feed despite the fact that the label’s garments haven’t quite dropped. We’re talking epic prints on gorgeous models, perfectly matched with their backdrop to provide the ultimate Insta aesthetic. Ethics-wise? Wear the Walls wants to provide you with incredible, statement pieces to treasure in your wardrobe for years. Not to mention each item is made-to-order (hello, zero waste) from all-natural materials, right here in the UK. The maximalist brand will launch its clothing (and matching wallpaper!) collection in February, and I personally can’t WAIT to snap up some of the designs.


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If you didn't know already, we are on an educational mission to get people talking about current issues and whats going on in the world (right now it is specifically the world of food). #FoodForThought has been an interesting campaign as there are some issues people have heard of, and some that people really haven't sunk their teeth into (pardon the pun). The water footprint of produce is one of the lesser known issues and its something that is pretty fascinating. Did you know that 92% of the water we use is in food? On average we eat 3,496 litres of water a day, and the type of produce we are eating has a big impact on the water we need to produce it. This print looks at this and the silhouettes hidden inside the print are proportionate to the amount of water needed for that food. The bigger the silhouette the more water needed to make it. For example it takes 15,400 litres of water to make 1kg of beef – and 822 litres of water to make 1kg of apples. Head to to find out more. #FoodForThought #WearYourHeartOnYourSleeve

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Gung Ho

I’m a big believer that everything we wear should tell a story, and few fashion brands put more of a focus on this than Gung Ho. This sustainable company bases its annual collection around issues it wants the public to start talking about. In 2019 that focus was ‘Food for Thought’, an exploration of how what we eat impacts the environment and our own wellbeing. However, far from being preachy, Gung Ho’s Instagram is one big celebration – of colour, of people, and of course the ethical fashion brand’s gorgeous garments. Follow them to increase your own socio-political awareness, as well as for wardrobe inspiration.


Noctu Organic

Is hygge still a thing? If it is, Noctu is nailing it: get ready for a feed filled with cosy (yet ethical!) inspiration. As well as the label’s comfy, organic cotton nightwear, the Noctu’s Instagram is filled with atmospheric, rustic photography. This is an ethical clothing brand that wants us to slow down and appreciate life’s subtle joys, and following Noctu in 2020 is perfect if your resolution is to be more present. P.S., if anyone wants to buy me the rust harem sweatpants I won’t be mad about it. Here’s to lounging!


Girlfriend Collective

Sustainability? Check. Body positivity? Check. Stunning Scenery? Check. Ethical activewear company Girlfriend Collective has it all covered on their grid. Gym gear is always a tricky one when it comes to keeping it sustainable, as effective activewear is best made from plastic. However, Girlfriend Collective have devised a brilliant solution for this, crafting their garments from recycled plastic bottles. In fact, 25 recycled post-consumer bottles go into a pair of leggings, and the sports bras are made from 11. Be sure to follow this company in 2020 for both fitness and sustainability inspiration.



Technically a boutique rather than an independent brand, Edinburgh-based Treen is a must-follow to discover the latest ethical clothing brands that deserve a place in your wardrobe. Each strictly vegan item is personally curated by Treen’s owner, Cat. Her focus is wardrobe staples you’ll mix and match for years to come, and Treen’s Insta feed will fill you with smart-casual style inspiration. We’re talking minimalist-chic with just the right amount of detailing.


The Hippie Shake

Taking us swiftly back to maximalist territory is vintage-inspired brand The Hippie Shake. If you love 1970s Bohemian vibes or Glam Rock style, then you NEED to start following this Instagram account! With the tagline: ‘creating & curating pieces you will treasure forever’, The Hippie Shake offers a mixture of hand-picked vintage pieces and reproduction styles featuring unique prints. Husband and wife duo Ben and Naomi are as passionate about sustainability as they are their 70s aesthetic, and work closely with suppliers to ensure their new items are produced as ethically as possible.

What ethical fashion brands are your favourite on your feed? Feel free to share them with me on Instagram – @styledbyalicex


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