#sjfollowtheflash – how to score free pizza and cheap gig tickets in Edinburgh this month

#sjfollowtheflash – how to score free pizza and cheap gig tickets in Edinburgh this month

Ahh, spring in Edinburgh – a time when the Meadows begin to look enticing rather than menacing, the average temperature rises from baltic to almost bearable, and brand pop-ups begin to, well, pop up across the city.

The latest of which is Sailor Jerry’s #sjfollowtheflash campaign, which is a city-wide party celebrating the iconic rum and its free-spirited founder. When Sailor Jerry’s asked if I wanted to take part in their promotions – featuring live music, cocktails, and copious volumes of pizza – how could I resist?!

What is #sjfollowtheflash?

Following on from Jerry’s Open House in Glasgow last year, Sailor Jerry’s is running events across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee to celebrate Scotland’s alternative spirits and creative souls.

What you might not know is that the now household name of Sailor Jerry’s was created by tattoo artist Norman Collins, who developed the iconic navy-style tattoos, often featuring hearts and daggers, bluebirds, and pin-ups. For that reason, you’ll find flash art of Sailor Jerry tattoos at venues across the three cities. Once you spot one, tag #sjfollowtheflash for a change to win tickets to an exclusive secret castle party – pretty cool, right?!

Sailor Jerry Follow the flash promotion at Civerinos Slice Edinburgh for #sjfollowtheflash

Throughout March you’ll also find exclusive deals and events across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. Here’s what to look out for in Edinburgh –

You’ll also find some flash art in Edinburgh at venues including Ox184, Lackdhu and Kickass Hostels.  Once you find it, post on Instagram using #sjfollowtheflash for a chance to win tickets to the secret castle gig. Ooooooo!

In Glasgow and Dundee, there’s pizza up for grabs at Pizza Punks (Glasgow) and Giddy Goose (Dundee); tattoos at Land Ahoy (Glasgow) and Carpe Diem (Dundee), and haircuts at Safe Hands (Glasgow) and Hard Grind (Dundee). You don’t need to buy anything or hand over your details – these are merely city-wide promo parties to help shake off the winter chill ahead of a rock n’ roll new season <insert hands in the air emoji>

How to bag free pizza at Civerinos Slice

Sailor Jerry Follow the flash Civerinos Slice Edinburgh

Now for the important bit – how to secure your free slice from Civerinos. First, don’t do what I did and pitch up at Civerinos on Hunter Square – the Sailor Jerry collab is only at their sliceria on Forest Road. You’ll need the not-so-secret password, #sjfollowtheflash, but as there’s currently a massive Sailor Jerry’s canvas in the restaurant I think you’ll be ok remembering it.

Once you’ve uttered the magic words you’ll be treated to a mutha-tuckin’ heeuuge slice of margarita drizzled in special Sailor Jerry’s BBQ sauce. The offer is capped at 16 slices a day so get in there early!

Also on the menu (not for free though, sorry ’bout it) is a DELICIOUS Sailor Jerry’s frozen cocktail. Now I LOVE a frozen cocktail (ask my family about gin slushie-gate Tenerife ’18) and this is genuinely one of the yummiest I’ve tasted.

Sailor Jerry Follow the flash Civerinos Slice Edinburgh

On a side note, if you’ve not been to Civerino’s Slice yet then where have you BEEN, gurl?! This compact eaterie off the Meadows serves the BEST pizza in Edinburgh to a soundtrack of old school hip-hop. 10/10 would recommend. They do delivery too. #score

Hopefully one day I’ll find someone who loves me like I love pizza, but in the meantime – thank goodness for #sjfollowtheflash, right?!

To all you pizza-eating, rum-drinking alternative souls out there: keep being you!



I was gifted a Civerino’s Slice Sailor Jerry’s experience. However, all opinions, copy and imagery is my own.