How to look stylish in winter: cosy fashion tips to makeover your wardrobe on a budget

How to look stylish in winter: cosy fashion tips to makeover your wardrobe on a budget

As I looked out my window this morning and saw the thick blanket of snow covering everything, my first thought was: heck no!

But sadly the world doesn’t stop just because it’s snowing, and a gal’s got stuff to do. But what to WEAR? That’s a conundrum most of us face at this time of year.

Not to fear: here are my simple tips for styling an outfit that is cosy and fabulous!

Twenty-Something City cosy winter fashion


Invest in a statement coat

My absolute number one tip for winter dressing is to find some ‘wow’ outerwear, mostly because a killer coat is an outfit in itself. When it’s cold outside a lot of people tend to wrap themselves in head-to-toe black, so a bright coat is the perfect addition to complete the simplest of looks.

Personally I’m also a big fan of patterned coats. I understand why a lot of people are cautious of these – there is a definite risk of clashing with whatever you’re wearing underneath. My advice? Either embrace the clash (so runway, daaarling!) or buy an oversized patterned coat that will cover whatever you have on underneath anyway.

So what else makes the perfect winter coat? Well, if you are after bang for your buck then versatility is key. For this reason I’d suggest a longer coat – this way it will cover dresses and skirts and still look good with trousers. Of course, the ideal winter coat should also be warm. I love faux fur, shearling and chunky wool coats.

Twenty-Something City cosy winter fashion wearing red coat and tartan blanket scarf

Wear a blanket scarf

For years I had a thing against scarves. To me they were itchy, difficult to wrap nicely, and hard to style. But then I met the blanket scarf. First elevated to the big time by Burberry in 2014, a blanket scarf is exactly that: somewhere between a blanket and a scarf. We’re talking the bigger the better.

You can wrap it (many, many times), tuck it under your coat collar, wear it like a shawl, style it with a belt to make a poncho… the options are endless! But best of all, blanket scarves are SO. COSY. Choose one that sets off your favourite coat like I have here and you’ll never want to take it off.

Buying a scarf generally won’t break the bank, so treating yourself to a jazzy new one each year is an affordable way to update your winter style.

Twenty-Something City cosy winter fashion

Play with texture

It’s all in the details, darling! Instead of mixing colours I’ve contrasted textures in this all black ensemble. My jumper has a feathery texture, while my leggings are a thick, velvet leopard print. Finished with leather gloves, a shearling coat, patent boots and soft leather gloves I’ve turned a simple outfit into a texture explosion.

God, how pretentious is that?! I can hear you mutter under your breath. I’ll let you into a little secret. ‘Texture’ is fashion speak for COSY AF. So next time you’re freezing, layer up all your favourite wool, fleece and leather garments and tell yourself you’re a fashion icon. You’re welcome.

Twenty-Something City cosy winter fashion wearing tartan blanket scarf and statement earrings

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Just because it’s freezing it doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise for the Gods! The 80s-inspired chunky earrings that have been a fashion favourite for the past few years are not going anywhere, and will add interest to your look with minimum effort.

Gloves are a bit of an unsung hero when it comes to winter outfit styling. Not only do they keep your hands warm (yay!) but there’s something really sophisticated about a good pair of gloves. Look for faux leather, faux fur trim or animal print to keep your outfit on trend.

Twenty-Something City cosy winter fashion

Ankle boots are my secret weapon when it comes to winter dressing. Not only are they practical but a good pair of boots will always make your ensemble look put together. A gorgeous yet comfy pair in black is the holy grail of every day dressing.

Last, but certainly not least, a statement handbag (like my favourite black clap board shoulder bag) will help you feel like your outfit was deliberate, rather than a chance to wear every warm thing in your wardrobe at once.

Keep cosy, my little fashionistas!




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