Why I’m redefining my career goals for 2019, plus WIN online careers coaching worth £197!

Why I’m redefining my career goals for 2019, plus WIN online careers coaching worth £197!

Hands up if one of your new year’s goals for 2019 is to do with your career? I know that the past few months of 2018 made me think a lot about what I’m doing and where I want to be.

In the past I’ve plunged into the deep end, working towards what I thought was my dream job or role, but shortly after establishing myself along that path I’ve realised the career wasn’t for me. Equally, there have been things I’ve told myself I’d like to do, but I’ve felt too unsure or under confident to fully pursue them.

Worst of all, I’ve spent a lot of my life focusing on doing what people would expect me to do to fit someone else’s definition of success. Considering I strive to be true to myself with my fashion choices regardless of what other people may think, when it comes to my career path I’m surprisingly conscious of outside opinions. Society has conditioned me to think I need to strive for the most demanding, well-paid, intellectual job I can, but it must also be ‘cool’ and provide covetable perks. Basically I need to have it all, whatever ‘it all’ actually is.

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I truly believe one of the main reasons depression and anxiety are so prevalent in twenty-somethings is because we are constantly seeking more, pushing ourselves past any reasonable limits in the pursuit of reaching the moment we will finally feel successful and happy. There have been times in my own career when other people have looked at my life with envy and thought I was living the dream when in fact I was miserable, and periods when I’ve felt the need to push for ‘bigger and better’, even though I knew it wasn’t what I wanted.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to rethink how I measure my worth in 2019. Instead of an ‘I will achieve X by Y, then I will do Z’ approach, my career goal for this year is to take time to grow in myself and explore things I enjoy for me, rather than because they fit the blueprint of success. In 2019 I plan to be the queen of my own castle (come rain or shine).

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Help! I don’t know what I want from my career

I’m a big advocate of supporting ambitious twenty-somethings to springboard their careers. I’ve written before about my journey to freelancing, plus everything you need to know to set up a fashion blog and how to ace sponsored posts working with brands. But what if, like many people, you have the drive and ambition, but you’re not quite sure what to do with it yet?

Even deciding to take the plunge and move away from your current career takes a huge amount of courage, so if all you’ve done so far is identify that something needs to chance for you then you’re already on the path to something better. Well done!

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Online coaching company Live True’s Work Wonderland course is designed for people who want a career change, but are unsure what direction they should pursue. The course comprises of nine simple exercises, designed to create a ‘map of you’ that reveals your values, strengths, passions and skills, and ascertains what you really want from your career and lifestyle. As you complete the exercises your results are added to a visual map, providing 360-degree analysis to gradually reveal your ideal career path.

Work Wonderland have provided a FREE coaching course for one Twenty-Something City reader. If you’d like the chance to try the innovative ‘map of you’ approach, simply enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post!

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How to realign your career goals for true success

For 2019 let’s make a pact to focus on what makes us happy, rather than someone else. Whether that’s being the head of the department of a global corporation, running your own cake shop, taking a job that promises stability, or doing any old thing so long as you earn enough to support a lifestyle you value, be your own definition of success.

Here’s a few thought starters for focusing on your true goals:

  • How important is money to you? Do you crave big bucks and luxury goods, or are you willing to trade a six figure salary for more free time?
  • How does your current job impact your health? Do you experience good stress (the kind that gets your blood pumping and makes the work exciting) or bad stress (the kind that makes you anxious, angry and exhausted)?
  • Do you want a job that is your life, or a job that provides money to live on that supplements your other passions?
  • Do you like work that follows processes and procedures, or are you passionate about creativity?
  • What makes you feel good about yourself? Is it helping others, being well-respected in your field, or maybe having colleagues you value working with you?

Let’s smash those career goals together!