How to style the perfect autumn wardrobe: building an outfit with stylish separates

How to style the perfect autumn wardrobe: building an outfit with stylish separates

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of this time of year – I’ve never tried a pumpkin spiced latte, dark nights make me feel seriously lazy, and I HATE having cold toes.

Buuuut, while I may be ambivalent about autumn, Im enjoying experimenting with layering up cozy, cool casual outfits. My go-to right now? Cosy statement knitwear teamed with some stylish high waist skinny jeans. When Nakd Fashion contacted me to style up some of their pieces I knew this was the perfect opportunity to share my autumn outfit building tips.

Here’s why I’m currently obsessed with this combination (and I think you probably will be too, if you’re not already):

Blogger Twenty-Something City autumn Nakd fashion jeans and jumper

Orange jumper: Nakd Fashion; Coat: Shein; Bakerboy: New Look; Jeans: Nakd Fashion; Red jumper: Naked Fashion: Denim Jacket: Forever 21

It’s foolproof.

When I can’t be bothered putting together an outfit, I follow this formula: high waist jeans, eye-catching jumper, a bold belt, and ankle boots.  In fact, the jeans and jumper look has become so much of a firm favourite with me that I’d say it’s my day-to-day uniform. Being self-employed and working from home, it’s hard to get inspired to properly get dressed up, but I always feel pulled together wearing some excellent separates that are stylish in their own right.

Now, jeans are something I’ve had a funny relationship with. Despite the fact I think I’m built like most women (you know, with hips) finding jeans that actually fit my shape has been a CHORE. I was pleasantly surprised by the high waist skinny jeans: they actually fit, and the front seams and ankle slit detail on this pair add some real interest.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears orange jumper and camel coat

Layers are good.

Like, seriously good in this weather. Would you believe in the orange jumper photos I’m actually wearing the red jumper underneath (damn you, rainy photoshoots)?! This autumn I’m stocking up on both fine knits and chunky jumpers because, let’s face it, you can never predict British weather.

Personally I don’t like wearing anything untucked as I think it looks bizarre with my proportions. If you’re like me, look for jeans or trousers with a good bit of stretch in them so you can fit warmer jumpers under them. Equally, make sure your coats have plenty of space in the arms to wear chunky sleeves underneath.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing red cut out shoulder jumper by Leith grafitti wall

Statement knitwear is having a ‘moment’.

I used to think jumpers were seriously unstylish, and only to be worn in extremely cold circumstances. More fool me. Jumpers are, like, totes cool but also really easy to wear. I like this. I promise you, this will be the easiest trend you ever partake in.

Look for jumpers that have a ‘thing’ – like the one shoulder detailing of this red one – and you’ve instantly got an interesting outfit. This could be embellishment, flute sleeves, asymmetric detailing, a colourful pattern: the more out there the better!

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears jeans, platform trainers and printed denim jacket

It’s the perfect look for adventuring.

As much as I love wearing some killer heeled boots or loads of sequins, these days my style has become a lot more practical. I love being able to put together an outfit that still looks put together, but I can go out and about walking or otherwise exploring in.

I mean, I’m actually wearing trainers here. OK, they may be rose gold and have a three inch platform but still – me, in trainers! This outfit is super comfy. I’m all over it right now.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing orange flute sleeve jumper and leopard print bakerboy hat

It’s great for showcasing your favourite accessories.

The best thing about the jumper and jeans combo is that it’s a blank canvas for everything else. I am OBSESSED with bakerboy hats right now, and I love teaming this flute-sleeved orange knit with my leopard print hat – it’s totes 70s darling!

It’s no secret I’m in love with funky ankle boots (I’ve only wrote about it in like every outfit post ever) and in autumn/ winter this is their time to shine! Match them to your knitwear like I did with these orange beauties, or use this season’s must-have animal print trend for some shoespiration.

What are your autumn/winter go-tos? I’d love to read how you’re styling looks this season in the comments below!



I was gifted items in this post from Nakd Fashion. However, all thoughts are my own.