10 signs you’re officially an adult with Adagio Teas

10 signs you’re officially an adult with Adagio Teas

When Adagio Teas offered to send me some of their products to try I was seriously excited. Because that’s what adulthood does to you – the thought of a night in with a cup of luxury tea is the stuff dreams are made of.

This got me thinking about the other things I’ve noticed about myself lately that prove my student days are well and truly over. If you can relate to any of these then I’m sorry: you’re officially an adult too.

Adagio loose leaf tropical and chai tea

You drink many (many) cups of tea and coffee a day. I used to see no point in drinking tea, and certainly not coffee. But these days my working day revolves around many a cuppa, preferably of the herbal kind. I kid myself I drink four+ cups of tea a day because it’s healthy (did you know tea’s health benefits have been shown to help prevent stokes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease?!), but in reality I think I enjoy the comforting feeling of a warm drink. I’ve also really enjoyed brewing my own loose-leaf tea from Adagio as it means I can procrastinate a little bit longer on my tea breaks #sorrynotsorry

You’re becoming obsessed with furniture and interiors. Like, seriously, making my flat look pretty is my LIFE. This year I bought my first artwork, while just last year I thought spending money on anything other than clothes was a waste. I also take faaaar too much joy from clever appliances and nifty kitchen gadgets. My portable, 25 quid hoover has been knocked off my top spot by Adagio’s IngenuiTEA pot – it’s so clever the way the pot filters loose leaf tea by placing it on top of your cup!

Your mum is your best friend. Why were we all such shits to our mums as teenagers? Sorry, Mum. All of my friends agree that their mum is their first port of call these days, with a daily catch-up essential. However, I’m still regretting the day someone showed my parents how to use emojis…

Adagio teas of India and Sri Lanka loose leaf review

You have a work inbox. And it’s overflowing. Gone are the days of punkypr1nc3ss_x@hotmail.com (disclaimer: NOT my email). The older you get, the more grotesque phrases like ‘get the ball rolling’, ‘ping me when you’re free for a catch-up’ and ‘apologies for the delay’ enter your daily vernacular. Why do we need so much toing and froing?! However, you know you’re really an adult when you choose phone correspondence over virtual.

Spending money on self-care becomes important. This year I’ve started getting massages. Massages! Like the whole buying homeware scenario, I used to think money spent on beauty treatments was wasted, but I’ve learnt that sometimes you need to spend money on something nice just because. Equally, I find I’m beginning to appreciate and take joy in the little things. A long shower followed by a cuppa Chocolate Chai in bed is my new evening go-to (I know, don’t be jealous of my wild lifestyle).

Your metabolism isn’t what it used to be. There was once a time when I lived solely on Dominos pizza and £5 bottles of peach schnapps-flavoured alcohol. That was a good time. Sadly, those halcyon days are weeellll and truly over, and I’m finally starting to understand the expression “a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”. As I’ve aged my palette has certainly become more refined, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing that Dominos has become the devil. I’d rather use my calories on some halloumi and gourmet olives, washed down with a craft gin or three.

Adagio loose leaf teas brewing in Ingenuitea pot

You think the best night out means being home in bed by 12. I love getting dressed up for a night out. I do not love actually being on a night out. The perfect scenario for me these days involves great food and some quality cocktails in a civilised environment where I can actually hear people talk (GOD I’m getting old). I can’t believe only a few years ago I managed to go on nights out several times a week. I’m lucky to do it once a month these days! Maybe that’s because-

Your hangovers last for days. If you haven’t wished you’d just die rather than endure your hangover then you haven’t experienced full adulthood yet. Lucky you. I remember when downing a bottle of wine or some WKD mixed with vodka was merely pre-drinks.  These days if I even look at alcohol I start to feel rough. The joys…

You see 18-year-olds and realise you have nothing in common. I have a confession: even though all the kids are obsessed with it, Snapchat isn’t for me. Neither is the UK Top 40. Or wearing cycling shorts to music festivals (that’s totes a thing with the young ‘uns, btw). These days I find I have more in common with people in their 30s than teenagers, or even uni students. The fact I rarely get ID’d for booze these days definitely adds to me feeling old.

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You start to value quality. Gone are the days when I tried to spend as little as possible on my food bill so I had more to spend on nights out and shoes. And while I still try to be thrifty, sometimes I don’t choose the cheapest bottle of wine, or grudge the cost of Manuka honey over Sainsbury’s Basics. I’ve been so impressed with Adagio’s loose leaf teas that I don’t think I can go back to my cheap own-brand teabags again! The sustainability impact of going loose leaf majorly appeals to me too.

What crazy things have you noticed yourself doing now you’re officially an adult?



I was gifted products by Adagio Tea. However, all thoughts are my own.