Yeehaw! Festival fashion essentials you should invest in for 2018 and beyond

Yeehaw! Festival fashion essentials you should invest in for 2018 and beyond

Yay, it’s June! June means the start of summer and, even better, the start of festival season.

Festivals are an exciting opportunity to wear something ‘out there’ and showcase your inner Coachella goddess. But unless you’re getting your groove on somewhere abroad then, realistically, you’re going to need a back-up plan for bad weather.

From the glamorous to the practical, here’s my guide to the 2018 festival essentials every girl needs.

Blogger Twenty-Something City festival must-haves Edinburgh Wild West

First, choose a look that represents ‘you’. Now is your time to shine – literally if you’re me! Shorts are a festival staple and I am OBSESSED with these La Bamba tassel hot pants from Elsie and Fred. I’ve written before about my love for this brand, and their designs are getting better and better.

But I cannot stress enough: it’s important to be comfortable and confident in your outfit. Just because fashion brands and celebrities are rocking the sequinned to the max look, it doesn’t mean you have to!

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears black cowboy boots for music festival

Comfort is key. That may not be the ‘cool answer’ (God I feel like my Mum) but if your outfit doesn’t feel good you’ll quickly regret it. Festivals are long days with lots of standing around so make sure you’re equipped with some comfy footwear. Wellies may be the festival tradition, but personally I prefer a good sturdy pair of boots, like these authentic cowboy boots.

The comfort rule applies to the rest of your outfit too. If you’re booty shorts give you a wedgie (let’s be honest here, girls) or your gorgeous playsuit is a nightmare in the portaloos then it will definitely impact on your festival fun. What’s the point in that?

Blogger Twenty-Something City festival must-haves 2018 Edinburgh Wild West

So what other practical festival must-haves should you invest in? Well, a bumbag for sure. I am so glad these badboys are back in fashion as they are a festival lifesaver! The trend these days seems to be to wear them across your chest (does that mean bumbags should be renamed boob bags? Food for thought…) but if you want to wear it the old school way like I am the fashion gods won’t smite you.

What about the contents of said bum/boob bag? Hand sanitiser and toilet tissue will never go amiss, and chucking a hair bobble in there somewhere will come in handy when you’re sweating buckets in the front row of Noel Gallagher (yaaaas). But overall, pack light: carrying loads with you will soon get annoying!

Blogger Twenty-Something City festival must-haves 2018

The thing about festivals in the UK is you never know whether it’ll be a scorcher or soaking. Chances are you’ll experience all four seasons in one day. As the weather is so changeable, make sure you do prepare for sun – even if it seems impossible! Be sure to pack some sunglasses and a small bottle of sun cream in your bag. Lobster red skin is totes not a cool look this summer. Or ever.

When it comes to accessories, don’t bother with designer labels. You’ll be much less heartbroken when your Primark sunglasses are cracked or stolen than if you’d packed your brand new, genuine Ray Bans.

logger Twenty-Something City festival must-haves colourful rain jacket

From the sublime to the ridiculous, you betcha it will rain at some point. Packing a rain mac is essential. I used to hate with a vengeance any type of waterproof coat (I’m still scarred from when Helly Hansen was in fashion tbh) but there are some GORGEOUS rain macs available at the moment. Personally I recommend something lightweight: it will probably get hot and sweaty in the crowds.

However, you should still bring layers. As you party on late into the night you’ll definitely feel the chill, regardless of how nice (well, we can dream) the weather was during the day.

Blogger Twenty-Something City festival hair and make up trends glitter lips hair rings

I love music festivals. But the camping part? Not so much. Festivals are definitely a time to get clever with your hair and make up. Dry shampoo is my number one festival beauty must have. It’s amazing how this powdery spray can transform greasy roots.

But there are some hair dilemmas even dry shampoo cannot fix. I’m a big fan of tying up or braiding my hair come day three. Pretty hair accessories provide a great distraction, whether that be a flower crown, a pin-up style headscarf or on-trend hair rings.

Blogger Twenty-Something City festival must-have sequin tassel shorts Edinburgh Wild West

Whether you are partying at Benicassim in Spain, or a very muddy T in the Park in Scotland, have an amazing time!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: I took these photos at the super cool Wild West in Morningside. This facade was originally created to promote a furniture company but it’s a photography gem in the city.

Now go shake your tail feathers, everyone,


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