Getting jiggy with it: meet the latest dating app, JigTalk

Getting jiggy with it: meet the latest dating app, JigTalk

They say dating is a game. I like games; I do not like being played. A new app that puts conversation first thinks it may have the solution to our modern day dating woes.

You’ve probably already read about my somewhat disastrous experiences with Tinder and Bumble. So when JigTalk asked me to try out their freshly launched app I thought, hey, why not.

Jigtalk calls itself ‘the dating game’ and uses jigsaw pieces to encourage conversation between users. Confused? Let me explain.

The way the app works is like this: you upload a profile photo and your face is then covered with a jigsaw puzzle. Potential matches will see the ‘jigged up’ version, meaning they don’t know exactly what you look like. Once you match, if you want to see your potential beau’s full photo then you need to get chatting. With each message between you a piece of the puzzle is removed. Sounds pretty fun, right? The app does a little victory dance when you finally ‘complete’ the puzzle.

JigTalk may consider itself a dating game, but if anything, this jigsaw puzzle method prevents any games – but in a good way. It’s tougher than you’d think to come up with eight mutually exchanged messages, so anyone after a quick ride is going to struggle with this one!

JigTalk even provide conversation-starting ice-breaker questions to get things moving. How kind. However, if you’re really keen to see what your match looks like (or to confirm it’s not your colleague, awks) then there is an option to purchase JigTokens, which allow you to lift the puzzle pieces a little faster.

As you can see from my ‘jigged’ up profile photo below, each player’s (should I call them players? Daters? Future husband/wife material?) identity is not entirely concealed. Which is good, because there has to be something to go on to encourage a match. Yes, each person does have the option to write a bio but let’s be honest: we’re all pretty shallow deep down!

Twenty-Something City jigged up on JigTalk dating app

Currently the app is only available in Manchester, where the company is based. There’s options for girl-guy, guy-guy and girl-girl matches.

I actually matched with the co-founder of JigTalk (I know right? What a power couple we’d be…) and he told me this: “My philosophy has always been: people want dating apps to be quick, but they don’t want romantic encounters to be as quick as ordering an Uber.”

But these days many people do use dating apps like they are ordering an Uber. The current dating app culture is seriously broken. Will this romantic jigsaw game be the solution? I don’t know. But quite frankly, with the state of modern dating I don’t think we’ve got anything to lose.

Twenty-Something City Jigtalk app Manchester

After years of people collecting matches like Pokemon cards it’s nice to have a dating app that actually encourages conversation, but without, say, time or gender restraints like Bumble or similar apps.

It’s early days (and I’m yet to meet the love of my life, rude) but so far I’m enjoying exploring the new method of getting to know potential dates that JigTalk provides.

What do you think? Will you be ‘getting jiggy with it’ any time soon?

You can download JigTalk and try it for yourself here.

This is a sponsored post, however all views are my own.