Fashion is dead; long live fashion! Why the High Street can’t keep up with real style

Fashion is dead; long live fashion! Why the High Street can’t keep up with real style

I’ve been to London Fashion Week in some capacity or another three times now. The first year was incredible, as 20-year-old me sauntered round Somerset House with a press pass. Last year, I lived in London and got to take in the atmosphere as a local. This year, I managed to tie in a work trip so I could go back and visit.

Each year, I’ve seen increasingly bold and exciting street style looks. But when it comes to the obligatory post Fashion Week wander down Oxford Circus? Well, it’s frankly uninspiring. Why, in an age where all styles and sizes are celebrated via Instagram and other social media, is the High Street’s offering getting worse and worse?

Blogger Twenty-Something City at The Strand wearing bold colourful look for London Fashion Week 2018
Coat: Asos (similar here);  Skirt: Shein; Jumper: eBay; Ankle boots: Public Desire (similar here); Bag: Zara

Let’s start with my Fashion Week outfit because I loved it! You know when you are just feeling yourself? That was me. Photographers seemed to be really feeling it too which was also a great confidence boost. Top tip: Fashion Week always seems to be pretty warm and sunny (I mean, February?! Come on!), so I probably could have done without the faux fur.

Whether you like my style or not, it would be hard to argue that my look isn’t unique, colourful and eye-catching. One of the reasons I love dressing this way is I notice it makes other people smile too. Yes, my name is Alice, and I’ll be your little ray of sunshine for the day.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears bright pink faux fur at London Fashion Week 2018

And while I know not everyone wants to dress like me (that’s definitely not the solution) I have to wonder: when did the High Street get so boring? My friend and I tried all the usual favourites – Topshop, Zara, Urban Outfitters – and found NOTHING that appealed to us. And my friend is much more conservative with her clothing than me.

Everything we saw was drab, neutral, shapeless and soulless. Even worse was that everything was the same. It was impossible to tell what shop we were in. There was no character, nothing aspirational or inspirational.

These days, I don’t go down the High Street very often. Ironically, it’s because I don’t want to be tempted by clothes I don’t need. I couldn’t even find clothes I did need, like a good pair of jeans!

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears Zara No Bad Vibes patch badge bag for London Fashion Week 2018

Like many young fashionistas, I find myself turning to influencers (and even just stylish people I know) much more than fashion magazines or High Street mannequins. Maybe it’s my immersion in the online world of trendsetters that left me feeling that fashion brand’s current offerings are so lacklustre. But when there is this world of bold, stylish women and men who millions collectively look up to, why is shapeless and beige the trend of the moment?

The High Street encourages us to spend, spend, spend. After being surrounded by some incredible looks around the London Fashion Week hub, I felt much less inclined to part with my hard-earned cash on mass-produced, commercial, Kardashian-inspired wares. Yes, I said it! #sorrynotsorry

Blogger Twenty-Something City at The Strand wearing multi coloured rainbow sequin midi skirt for London Fashion Week

Sorry, High Street – it’s not me, it’s you. But I’m willing to give our love another chance. Why not try to focus on quality, style and uniqueness, and less about churning out new styles daily?

I’ll continue to share my favourite High Street pieces with you all on the blog. And when I do, you’ll know they’re really special and have the Alice seal of approval.

What do you think of High Street trends right now? Are you a fan, or disappointed like me?