My best Black Friday buy – and why I don’t mind getting older

My best Black Friday buy – and why I don’t mind getting older

I am an old lady on the inside. There, I said it. I’ve been suspicious of it for a while now, but when my best Black Friday buy for this year turned out to be a comfy coat (with a hood!), it was confirmed: I am officially saying goodbye to my reckless youth and welcoming adulthood with aplomb (aplomb! I mean it when I say I’m grown up now).

Last Black Friday, my favourite purchase was a pair of aqua blue tasselled sequin mini shorts from Elsie and Fred. I still LOVE them, but they’re hardly the most useful purchase, are they? Though I have worn them more than I expected…

This year, however, I had my heart set on one thing and one thing only- a cosy, practical coat for winter.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing New Look parka coat
Coat: New Look; Top: Little Lies; Jeans: Dorothy Perkins; Boots: Shoe Zone; Earrings: eBay

It may be practical, but it’s certainly not boring! I love the star detailing, and of course the big fluffy hood. I’ve been after a good parka for a while, but it’s been tricky to find one that has the right amount of ‘Alice’ to it.

Sensible outerwear and me have never been friends. My mum used to nag me constantly to pick a coat with a hood, but I just couldn’t do it. Subsequently, I’ve had some really funky coats in my time- usually involving faux fur or bold prints. But recently I’ve had a new mindset: while I still want to look glam, I also want to get out and explore, not just focus on being stylish. Manchester is also blimmin’ freezing, and I was fed up of feeling cold and miserable in the drizzle.

Style aside, this year I’ve really noticed changes in me. I live for Strictly on a Saturday night, I rarely go out to get properly drunk, and I feel much more family-orientated. I’ve also noticed I’m getting more aches and pains these days, and late-nighters leave me struggling to play catch up for days. The joys!

I’m not a total fuddy-duddy though (yet!). It’s more that I’ve started to realise what I really enjoy, and what isn’t worth my time. Going out to get drunk just for the sake of it? Not really my thing. Enjoying a meal and cocktails with some close friends, then home by 12? That I can get on board with.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing New Look faux fur hood parka

All the things I thought I didn’t want only a few years ago (the possibility to own a house, quiet nights in front of the TV with my parents, maybe even having a family of my own one day) have become much more appealing to me. We really think we know it all in our teens and early twenties, but the truth is we never stop growing and changing as people.

I’ve spoken before about how easy it is to look back with rose tinted specs on our past, but I think it’s so important for us to live for the present and enjoy what makes us happy now.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing faux fur hood parka coat from New Look

I love fashion. Always have, always will. I’m going to be that 70-year-old woman with neon hair and wacky specs, of that I am sure. And while I intend to keep buying those crazy outfits (ya gal’s got a standard to uphold) I think might make allowances for a few more practical purchases too.

What did you buy this Black Friday? I’d love to hear about your fave buys in the comments below!