Why you should give something back this Christmas

Why you should give something back this Christmas

For me, Christmas is such a happy time. I love getting to spend time with my family, going on nights out with friends, eating lots of chocolate… and receiving gifts to top up the make-up bag is pretty great too.

But sadly, Christmas isn’t a happy time for everyone, and a stocking full of luxuries isn’t on the agenda for us all. That’s why this festive season I want to support charitable causes, such as Cash for Kids Mission Christmas.

If you’ve not heard of it, this initiative is run every year by Key103 in Manchester- or Forth 1 in Edinburgh- and it’s aim is to provide toys for children who would otherwise go without. Last year generous Mancunians donated toys worth a total of almost £2.9m to 61,873 youngsters across Greater Manchester. 

Mission Christmas Cash For Kids

It’s absolutely horrifying that one in four children  are living in poverty in 2017. Growing up I was so lucky to never want for anything, but as a child I took it for granted. As I’ve got older and left home I’ve realised how privileged I was that Santa always brought me what I wanted- and more.

At this time of year, I spend a lot on family and friends- but also on myself too. All the nights out, the party dresses, the new make-up… it really does add up. I’ve realised that if I can spend all this cash on myself, I can afford to forgo a round of drinks and make a donation instead.

If you’d like to buy a gift for the Mission Christmas appeal, you’l find a list of the collection points on the Key 103 website. They’ll be accepting donations until 17 December. Too busy to make it to the shops? You can also text ‘KEY’ 70808 to donate £5 and the campaign will buy a gift on your behalf.

You could also donate to a local foodbank: the Trussel Trust provides a database so you can find your nearest one.

Have a brilliant Christmas when it comes, everyone! And if you can, please help others have a special day too.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this post; this is a cause I’m passionate about this Christmas