Style for all sizes: why more brands should be like Joanie Clothing

Style for all sizes: why more brands should be like Joanie Clothing

Recently I was invited to celebrate the start of the festive season with Manchester brand Joanie Clothing. Joanie is a brand I’ve had on my radar for a while now, so I was really excited to meet the team and explore their Christmas collection.

For those unfamiliar with Joanie Clothing, they offer vintage-inspired clothing for the modern woman, drawing inspiration from the designer’s great aunt, Joanie. The original Joanie is described as: “a glamorous woman who tapped and twirled her way through the fifties and sixties. She was always well-turned out with perfectly coiffed red hair” – sounds like my kinda woman!

Despite only being two years old, the brand has already become a firm favourite with the likes of Zoella, Giovanna Fletcher… and me!

Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing Golden Girl jumper from Joanie Clothing in Manchester
Jumper: Joanie Clothing; Skirt: Miss Selfridge (similar here); Jacket: Forever 21 (similar here); Earrings: New Look (similar here)

But that’s enough background. Let’s chat about the thing I really love: Joanie offers all its clothing in size 8-22, or size small to extra large. It hadn’t occurred to me before how unusual this is. But now I think about it, why the heck aren’t more brands doing this?!

This whole ‘plus size’ thing is a weird one in this day and age. Fashion trends (and people!) are so diverse, it doesn’t make any sense to me to segregate. Joanie’s vintage styles really do suit all body types, but even with modern fashion trends this normal size/ plus size business is odd. It makes no sense to categorise certain body shapes and sizes as “plus” – somehow “extra” or unusual.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears Golden Girl jumper from Joanie Clothing in Manchester

Joanie don’t just offer their designs in an array of sizes. They also photograph their designs using two models – a “conventional” one and a “plus size” one. I love this. Even if your body type is somewhere in between, it’s wonderful to see how each item looks on different women. After all, how many times have you ordered something because it suits the model, then it arrives and leaves you feeling like a sack of potatoes?!

I fell in love with this Golden Girl jumper after seeing several of the Joanie Clothing staff (and some of my fellow bloggers) each rocking it in their own way at the Christmas event. Pictures can’t do it justice but it really does have the most exquisite shimmer!

blogger Twenty-Something City wears Golden Girl jumper from Joanie Clothing in Manchester

I’ve always had a bit of a penchant for vintage-style clothing. I love following bloggers and Instagrammers who rock a proper vintage look from head-to-toe, like Miss Vicky Viola, or my good friend Elizabeth Hunston. But the proper vintage look isn’t quite “me”. I always need something a bit different.

I love the way Joanie take inspiration from retro styles, but keep everything totally wearable. They say: “we’re passionate about making beautiful clothes, lovingly fashioned with a pinch of playfulness, a splash of quirkiness and a healthy dose of nostalgia. Whatever the occasion, our girl exudes an undeniable, effortlessly cool aesthetic and stands out from the crowd without making noise.”

Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing Golden Girl jumper by Joanie Clothing in Manchester

A brand that encourages women to find their own style, whatever their size, is one I can definitely get behind. Creating jumpers that actually sparkle is a huge added bonus!

What brands have you found recently that break all the fashion rules? I’d love to read about them in the comments below.


Photos in this post taken by blogger Emmi from Just Emmi