Seven common misconceptions about blogging

Seven common misconceptions about blogging

Did you know that there are more than 440 million blogs in the world right now? Yes, seriously! With so many kicking around the internet, it’s impossible not to have noticed the rise of bloggers and influencers in 2017. But with all these blogs comes plenty of misconceptions about blogging.

Here are seven of the most common false impressions of the blogosphere I’ve encountered. No doubt if you’re also a blogger you’ll have come across these too.

You think you’re really good looking
I’ve met so many fashion and lifestyle bloggers who actually have really low self-confidence. We don’t post photos of ourselves online because we think we’re gorgeous. We do it because we want to share an idea, whether that be an outfit fitting a specific theme or we want you to get to know us better.

For a long time I felt a bit uncomfortable posting outfit photos, and definitely posing for them in public! But I’ve come to realise that people follow my blog and Instagram because they like my style, not because I’m a mega babe. If you’re looking to get into fashion blogging but you’re worried about getting judged or not looking the ‘right’ way, my biggest advice is just go for it! The more you embrace your own look, the better.

It’s really glamorous
Us influencers have a talent for making our lives look really glamorous and exciting. I wish that was the reality! I’ve been up at 4am to do a sunset shoot, and waded through ankle-deep puddles in my trainers with a puffy jacket over my formal dress on my way to take photos. Going on fashion shoots can be cold, long and tiring. I do love them (and the results are worth it!) but it’s hard to feel glamorous when you can’t feel your fingers!

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You want to be famous
Us little guys definitely follow the major players with interest, but that doesn’t mean we want to be them. Every blogger I know has set up their site primarily to share their passion – whether that be writing, fashion, or a cause that is totally unique to them. Many of us bloggers will never indulge in our hobby full-time, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love blogging nonetheless. Which leads me on to misconception number four-

It’s easy
Think up a fun blog name, take a few photos, post a few tweets – blogging is super easy, right? Wrong. Even if you don’t want to be famous, to become in any way established in the blogosphere is a lot of work. The reality is that hours go into every post – from creating the concept, to the photoshoot, to writing, to social scheduling.

Blogging is a full-on hobby. It can be expensive too, with photography equipment, hosting costs and other expenses. However, I find blogging really rewarding, as do all my blogging friends. We wouldn’t be doing it otherwise!

It’s super competitive
It’s easy to see why people assume us bloggers are constantly in competition with each other. We are, in a sense. But I can honestly say I’ve never met more welcoming and supportive people than my blogging buddies. Of course, there will always be the odd person who thinks she’s too good to share tips, or someone who resents their fellow blogger for landing a particular campaign. However, most of us realise one blogger’s success is not our failure, and we work together whenever we can.

I’ve spent many a day taking outfit photos with my influencer friends. We like each other’s Instagram photos, comment on blog posts, and generally do what we can to let our fellow content creators know that what they are putting out is great. The blogging community has been particularly important to me as I’ve moved from city to city, as it’s helped me make new friends all over the U.K.

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You get loads of free stuff
I’m not going to lie, getting free clothes is great! But unfortunately it’s not as simple as brands sending you things and that’s that. Gifted items are always on the proviso that you share photos of them on social media or do a written review. Getting to the point when you have brands sending you freebies doesn’t happen overnight, either.

An important part of building your following is also to learn to say no. You’re a fashion blogger who’s been offered to review a new gambling site? Don’t do it. Taking on projects that don’t fit your brand will put people off your content.

It’s all about the stats
Followers, followers, followers – that’s all that matters, right? Us influencers do work hard to up our social stats and blog views, but solely focusing on the numbers is a soul-destroying affair. Even brands are starting to wake up to the fact that hundreds of thousands of followers don’t equal hundreds of thousands of likes or purchases. The best bloggers focus on making their content king, rather than focusing on numbers.

What other misconceptions have you encountered about blogging?

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