Five ways to be kinder to yourself this month

Five ways to be kinder to yourself this month

Last week was well and truly one that could get in the bin.

Falling ill meant the things I was able to tick off my to-do list was virtually zero, something that always leaves me very annoyed with myself indeed. Does anyone else find that when their physical health isn’t good that their mental health takes a knock too? When I’m ill my paranoia and anxiety flare up big-time.

We all have bad weeks, but it’s important to invest in self-care. Here’s my tips to be kinder to yourself – trust me, your productivity will improve in the long run!

Listen to your body
If you’re not well, or working too hard, then it’s essential to give your body a break. Be kind to yourself and allow some R+R. Taking one day out to fully rest will increase your productivity compared to several days of forcing yourself to plough on while you’re feeling under the weather.

When you don’t feel like you, it’s important to pay attention to what your body really craves- it may be sleep, drinking more water, or even eating something a little bit indulgent. You wouldn’t continue to drive a car that wasn’t working properly, so give yourself an MOT and you’ll be fighting fit in no time.

Remind yourself you have time
I’m terrible for feeling like I NEED to get everything done, like, now. If I’m really struggling physically or mentally, I find what helps me is to break down my to-do list to figure out the real priorities. A work project with a deadline tomorrow? Get that done. Carrying out a full blog analysis and creating an action plan for 2018? Girl, you’ve got time.

Learning to refocus my priorities has been really helpful in managing my anxiety. We live in such a ‘now’ culture, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – something I understand all too well! But let’s be kinder to ourselves and realise we don’t need to be on top of everything constantly. I’ve written previously about why this month I’m going to celebrate the little things, and that means valuing all my achievements for what they are instead of chastising myself for not being productive enough.

Flat lay blogger Twenty-Something City being kinder to yourself

Give yourself those little treats
A treat to you might be buying yourself a little something on sale, or it could be ordering a mid-week take-away. However, not all ‘treats’ have to cost a fortune or be a major indulgence.

Why not be kind to yourself by taking time out to enjoy your favourite chocolate while reading a magazine or catching up on your favourite blogs or YouTubers? I find this is a great way to give my mind and body a refresh – plus I always come away inspired to create new content after enjoying the work of others.

Put your phone away
Life… without a phone?! No, I haven’t gone totally mad! When you’re feeling stressed or under the weather, the last thing you need is a million notifications buzzing in your pocket. If you have an iPhone, there’s a handy feature called Do Not Disturb – it means your notifications will still come through, but your phone won’t buzz.

I’m a big advocate of switching off from the digital world once in a while. Go on, be kinder to yourself and give it a try! I promise you’re friends and followers will survive without you for a few hours.

Accept it’s OK to do nothing
Just. Chill. Seriously. One of my favourite girl bosses Forever Yours, Betty has stressed how important ‘me time’ is for increasing productivity and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always struggled to chill out, but I’m learning to stop thinking of it as ‘doing nothing’ and instead consider it as essential rest to build into my day.

Still looking for more tips to be kinder to yourself? Watch this video I made with Just a Scottish Lass about how to cheer yourself up when you’re having a bad day:


You go girl – you’ve got this!