Wear the trend: a guide to autumn accessories

Wear the trend: a guide to autumn accessories

When did it go from summer to freeeezing?

Looking stylish while keeping warm can be tricky. From scarves to statement earrings, here’s my tips for looking great this autumn!


It’s all in the outerwear

Blogger Twenty-Something city in cosy autumn scarf for outfit post
Jacket: Zara (similar here); Jumper: 915 New Look (similar here); Trousers: New Look; Snood: H&M (similar here); Earrings: eBay; Soapbag as clutch: Boots 

Let’s first talk about the jacket. You’ll have seen this a fair few times on my blog (and on me like eeeery day in real life) because it’s become one of my absolute staples! If in doubt, throw on a biker jacket people.

However, what we really need to talk about is the colour. In case you’ve missed it, yellow is THE colour of the moment (along with red – this really is my season!). It’s so easy in autumn/winter to bury oneself in black, but I think this time of year more than ever is the time to embrace colour. After all, where’s the joy in blending into the background?

That being said, I thought it was key to keep the rest of my outfit monochrome. Not that any look is ever really monochrome with my hair, but you know what I mean. I’ve gone for black, grey (and silver!) here.


Wrap it up

My mum has always nagged me to wrap up and wear a scarf. I never used to see the point myself (unless it was a snazzy tartan cashmere number), that is until I discovered snoods. They are soooo comfy and they seem proper ‘fashionable’. One of ridiculously oversized scarves from Zara would also do. The bigger the better right now and you’ll be extra cosy!

I’ve gone for a bit of a voluptuous look all over, with these flared culottes. Now I can’t promise you this style will keep you warm, but if it’s really chilly you can pop a pair of tights underneath much easier than under skinny jeans. #lifehack


Shoes, glorious shoes!

I’m a big believer that shoes make an outfit. I personally live out of ankle boots, partly because they’re one of the only type of shoes that fit my feet but that’s another story…

These silver boots make much more of an impact than plain black. Good news – if you’re really into statement boots this season like I am then they are EVERYWHERE. You’ll find patterns, detailing, and my ultimate favourite for autumn- red boots. Paolo Nutini knew what he was talking about: “hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right…”


Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Blogger Alice from Twenty-Something City wearing autumn accessories including tassel earrings and face bag

It’s all in the details! Adding those little finishing touches will really make your outfit. In case you’ve missed it, tassel earrings are big news right now, and they’re a cheap addition to dress up any look. I picked mine up for a few quid on eBay.

Last but not least- the handbag. Can you believe this bag is actually a soap bag?! I love the quirky style of this one… plus the lady on the front and I wear the same lipstick 😉 I find a funky bag always gets me loads of compliments, including this one.

What ‘little extras’ do you use to shape up your autumn looks? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!