How I’ve grown my blog in 2017

How I’ve grown my  blog in 2017

This might seem like a bit of an odd time of year for this post. After all, reflection is best saved of the end of the year, right?

But I’ve recently hit a few significant blogging milestones. Last week I actually surpassed last year’s total views, despite there still being a few months left of 2017. Woohoo! Here’s what I’ve been doing to grow my following this year.


I’ve focused on the fun


This might seem counter-intuitive to success, but this year I’ve been focusing on blogging for me and enjoying it as a hobby. The chances of me becoming a blogging/ vlogging/ Instagram superstar is slim (despite the fact I’m a total babe) so I’ve just enjoyed writing and creating outfits for the love of it.

The ironic part? True passion shows, and as I’ve fallen in love with my blog this year I’ve noticed other people are really enjoying what I have to offer too.


I’ve upped my photography game

Or rather, I’ve worked with some extremely talented people who have upped it for me. I’m a big believer in collaboration, but it wasn’t until I moved to London that I had the opportunity to have my outfit photos taken by some ‘proper’ photographers.

The blogging world is such a visual place nowadays, and I’m confident my improved images have helped entice newbies  to read my posts. If that’s you, thank you! Of course, it also helps having the wealth of colourful photography backgrounds that London provides.


I’ve planned ahead


This is the one tip I’ve seen time and time again on successful bloggers’ ‘how to’ posts and it really does work! I’ve not quite managed to stick to a religious posting schedule, but I have started roughly planning the month ahead for writing, publishing, and sharing posts.

Thinking ahead also helps me focus on what I’m creating and why. I always want my content to have a story to tell, rather than merely showing off what I’ve been wearing lately or where I’ve been. By seeing everything written in black and white (or green, red and orange because I do love colour!) I know exactly what the aim of each post is before I write it.


I’ve worked on my social media content


Instagram is where I’ve seen the most growth this year. In the past I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable flogging my content on social as I was worried my friends would judge me.

However, I’ve really enjoyed posting more and interacting with the Instagram community. I’ve felt really inspired by others and what they’re posting, and I think that’s been reflected in my content too.

Do you have any blogging tips to share with me? Or have you recently reached milestones of your own? Link them in the comments below!



The images in this post are from Pixabay– my skills maybe be getting better, but they’re not THAT good, sheesh! With the exemption of the purple outfit post, taken by the wonderful Alice Greenfield Photography. The hands in the feature image could totes be my hands though. Spooky…