Tips for travelling solo (as told by the artwork of The Louvre)

Tips for travelling solo (as told by the artwork of The Louvre)

With a full-time job, the long summer breaks of my student days feels like a lifetime ago.

Last year, I embarked on a solo trip to Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam as a last celebration of my freedom (sob). Here’s my tips for travelling alone, told via some sassy statues and other artwork from The Louvre.

Pack light

DSC00774.jpgRemember gal- you’re on your own. You may dream of a beautiful, burly frenchman named Pierre coming and giving you a hand with your luggage, but it ain’t gonna happen. I travelled with a medium-sized wheeled case as it was only a ten day trip, but if you’re doing some serious country hopping then a large rucksack will be your savour. You’ll even have your hands free for taking photos. #result


Stop worrying people are staring at you

DSC00761.jpgTravelling alone is totes normal. It can feel daunting going it alone but trust me- no one is paying any attention to you. Tourist attractions are great on your own, as you can set your own pace and see what you want to see.


Your hostel dorm will be cosy

DSC00776.jpgYou get what you pay for with accommodation, and cheap hostels are never going to be luxurious. However, I would definitely recommend opting for a shared room if you’re travelling solo. Despite the joyous freedom solo travel brings, it can get lonely. Hopefully you’ll get on well with your roommates, and if you don’t you’ll be so busy out and about you won’t really see them anyway.


Prepare for communal showers

DSC00770.jpgIf you stay in a hostel then you’re going to have to embrace shared shower facilities. I was pleasantly surprised by the showers in all my hostels. Some had a bathroom with shower for each room, while others had several communal showers for the whole floor. Both were totally fine, but be aware you are sharing. Try not to leave your pants lying around!


Find your tribe

DSC00758.jpgMost travellers are in exactly the same boat as you, and want to make new friends along the way. Go on – take the initiative and say hello to people. Why not try and find a good pub crawl in the area, and use that as an inroad by inviting others along? Australians are fun. Go find some Australians.


…But don’t shackle yourself to the wrong person

DSC00767.jpgIf you hang out with someone once, don’t feel obliged to spend the rest of your time in that city with them. Sometimes it is great to find a plus one- like going for food, for example- but never forget it’s your trip to enjoy your way.


Don’t drink too much

DSC00760.jpgTrying to cram in sightseeing on a hot day, at busy locations swarming with tourists is not the dream when you’re dying of a hangover. Go out and have fun, but remember there’s more to your trip than alcohol. If worst comes to worst, every country has McDonald’s. Well, apart from Zimbabwe and Bolivia, but apart from that you’re good.



Happy travelling!