A Twenty-Something’s Guide to Paris

A Twenty-Something’s Guide to Paris

Most guides to Paris will tell you all the same things- go here, do this, eat here, stay there…

I’ve tried to avoid the obvious, and share my top tips for twenty-somethings visiting the city.

Your passport is your best friend
Well, for now it is anyway. Did you know that EU citizens under 25 (and under 26 in some places) get free entry to all the major monuments and museums?! This means that sightseeing is pretty much free, which is convenient because it would cost a fortune otherwise. Definitely make the most of your age (and EU citizen status) while you can.


Decide what you want to visit and what you can just see
There is a lot to see and do in Paris. Chances are there won’t be time to do it all. Decide what is crucial to go into, and what can just be photographed from the street. For example? The view from Arc de Triomphe is worth the steep climb. Meanwhile, the Eiffel Tour is miles away from everything and impossibly hard to get into, but you can see it from all over the city.

Do a bus or a boat tour
This is a great way to get a snapshot of a city you are only visiting for a short period. A hop on, hop off bus can be a convenient mode of transport to some of the top attractions, while  a relaxing sail down the Seine river is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Visit museums first thing in the morning
Whatever else you intend to do with your day, prioritise going to the big museums first. The queues get CRAZY later in the day, especially for The Louvre.


Go to Au P’tit Grec
You haven’t seen a real crepe until you’ve seen these bad boys. Enormous sweet and savoury crepes are made to order in front of you, and keep you full for hours for around 5€. There may be lots of crepe places in Paris, but the queues outside this place are a testimony to how good it is.

Always have some change to hand
Using a toilet in Paris costs between 50 c and 1 €. Always keep a few coins handy just in case.

Not everything is open every day
This is something to consider even when you are booking your trip. Most museums are closed on Monday, while pub crawls only run on Friday and Saturday. Make sure you plan ahead so you don’t miss out on doing things you really want to do because they are closed. Similarly, there are some attractions you must book in advance. If you want to go to Moulin Rouge or the Eiffel Tower then book before you go.


Enjoy the gardens
Paris has so many beautiful parks and gardens to enjoy. Many of these have outdoor cafes where you can enjoy a croque-monsieur while taking in the surroundings, or take a book and enjoy the sunshine. This is a good option if you do find yourself at a loose end when things are closed or to  make the most of the last of the heat early evening.

Weekends= cheap transport
On Saturday and Sunday, people under 26 can get a day ticket for the metro for only 3,85 €. This is half the normal price and is a great way to get about the city with ease.

Install City Mapper
This app is a lifesaver! You can compare whether it is quicker to walk or get the metro, and then follow the exact route.