The Broke Girl’s Guide to Having a Great Weekend

The Broke Girl’s Guide to Having a Great Weekend

Doing nothing at the weekend can be depressing, but when you’re short on funds sometimes it feels like you don’t have a choice.

Fear not- it is possible to enjoy yourself on a budget. Here’s some ideas for cost-effective fun to share with friends this weekend.

Host a pot-luck party

The idea of pot-luck is simple: everyone brings some food and you all enjoy the random array of dishes (preferably while also sharing some wine). The cost of entertaining can be really off-putting, but this is a cheap way to host as many people as you want. It’s also a casual way to share dinner with friends, so your guests won’t be put off by the thought of an overly-formal dinner party.

For your contribution, something like a pesto pasta, a potato salad or steaming pot of chilli won’t cost much but will be a welcome addition to any spread. Best of all, if you host it you can enjoy the leftovers the next day, saving even more pennies.


Stock up on Asda pizzas

A Dominos on a Saturday is pretty much compulsory, right? Pity they are exorbitantly priced for circular topped bread. Thankfully, Asda’s award-winning pizza is a steal. An enormous 14″ pizza will set you back a mere £3.50, and is perfect for sharing (or, you know, not sharing). Plus they now offer double-decker pizzas, where two bases are sandwiched together with an oozy layer of garlic and herb sauce in the middle. Diets don’t apply to Saturdays, right?

Create crafty cocktails

Who doesn’t love a cocktail or three on a Friday night? But when most cocktails cost £7+ each, things can soon get expensive. So why not club together with your friends for a cocktail night? Much like pot-luck, everyone brings a bottle of spirit and a mixer. You can then share them to create classic or experimental combinations. Warning: expect drunken shenanigans.

Visit a free gallery or museum

You’ll be amazed how many free museums there are in your city. The best thing about this activity is it’s a great way to pass a rainy day, and is equally enjoyable by yourself or with friends. If you live in Edinburgh, The National Museum of Scotland is a must-see, as is the Scottish National Gallery. For those of you living elsewhere, Money Saving Expert has compiled this handy list of every free museum and gallery in the UK. Be sure to check it out, especially if you’re planning a weekend away somewhere.


Have a bad movie marathon

Every Netflix user knows what I’m talking about- the plethora of straight-to-DVD/ TV movies on offer. So why not give in- stop searching for something good to watch and choose something bad instead? This is definitely an activity best shared with friends for maximum lols. You could start with Queer Duck: The Movie, American Ninja or Run For Your Wife. Yep, you’re in for a good one.

Trawl the charity shops

As much as you want to go on a Topshop splurge, sometimes that’s just not feasible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something new- or nearly new- to wear. There are some real gems to be found in charity shops. Top tip: know which area of town to browse. If there’s a particularly trendy or wealthy area, chances are the charity shop finds will be of a higher quality. You could even set a challenge with your friends- you each get £5/ £10 max to find the best/ worst thing you can find, or to get a new outfit.

There’s also a new generation of charity shop boutiques, such as Mary’s Living and Giving, which are beautifully organised and full of wonderful finds. You might find the High Street seems much less appealing after you master the art of a discounted spending spree.

What are your favourite broke girl activities? Share your thoughts in the comments below!