Winter Pastels, Shiny Metallics and New Coat Love

Winter Pastels, Shiny Metallics and New Coat Love

Christmas presents are good; money is better. With my Christmas pennies from dear old Grandma I bought this beautiful cream biker coat.

Wearing pale colours in winter is a tricky business. However, it can look really striking as everyone else wraps up in black-on-black (think an Ice Queen/ Christmas Fairy look).

The biggest problem with wearing winter pastels for me is the tights situation. Pale pink, baby blue and other light hues just don’t look quite right with thick, black wooly tights. Miraculously, I found some grey thermals on eBay to help pull together my lighter looks.

winter patels 3

Jumper: New Look; Skirt: Primark; Tights: eBay; Coat: River Island

Don’t you love when you find new ways to wear old favourites? That’s how I felt when I managed to update my baby blue pleather mini skirt- safe to say I didn’t expect to wear that this season! A leather-look skirt with a fluffy jumper is one of my winter faves; this pastel variation is no exception.

winter pastels 2

Top: River Island; Skirt: Primark

Shops are V. sneaky- placed next to my dream biker coat was this silky embellished blouse. Well, I just had to didn’t I?! Damn you, River Island. I very VERY nearly got a sparkly skirt to finish the look, but my spending was getting a bit ridiculous. Sad times.

However, I did finally find a way to wear this golden metallic skirt I got back in August. Lots of shimmer and sparkle makes Alice a happy little blogger!

One of the best things about winter dressing for me is the myriad textures just screaming to be paired together. Leather, wool, suede, silk, velvet, fur… get creative for comfy, cozy cool.

winter pastels 4

Don’t be afraid to mix it up this winter,

Alice x